This Plant In The Home Can Kill A Child In less Than A Minute And An Adult In 15 Minutes!

A plant called “Dieffenbachia“almost kill my girlfriend after she put some piece of the leaf of the plant in her mouth. Her tongue was swollen and she began to stifle. This plant should be our primary concern because it has the same qualities as some other comparable pruned plants, which are toxic.plant

So you might want to take precautions and provide them the needed protection if you leave your tyke in the home.

This plant contains calcium oxalate and its squeezes are toxic so keeping it in your homesand workplaces can be very risky!

Poisoning in kids can occur at the very moment and in adults for about 15 minutes.

Provide you want this plant in your home, we recommend you to uproot it.

If by any chance you touch it, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR EYES, due to the extraordinary possibility of going blind!


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