This poison destroys your bones

Most of you drink it not knowing that this poison destroys your bones. On his website, Dr West Corner, “Renegade Pharmacist”, pointed out that drinking a can of Coke can have some considerable negative effects on your body.  This poison destroys your bones

Here are the effects expressed in time intervals:

First 10 Minutes

Drinking a can of Coke is equal to eating 10 teaspoons of sugar, a 100% recommended dosage for daily utilization. Your body is not able to disgorge them since the phosphates hide the taste.

After 20 Minutes

By drinking one can of Coke a day you increase your glucose intake and insulin is released at once. The liver converts the available sugar into fat

After 40 minutes

Your body completely absorbs the caffeine in the Coke. Your eye pupils are expanded, your blood pressure is higher since liver disposes greater amount of sugar into bloodstream. You are not feeling exhausted because the adenosine receptors in your cerebrum are blocked.

After 45 minutes

After 45 minutes, Coke has the same effect as heroin. A greater amount of dopamine is released through body which contributes to greater cerebrum’s pleasure focus.

After 60 minutes

The phosphate acid present in Coke binds the zinc, magnesium and calcium to your lower intestine thereby boosting your metabolism and increasing the releasing f calcium through the urine.

A little after 60 minutes

A little after 60 minutes you will feel constant need to go to the bathroom as the diuretic effects of the caffeine start to act. The zinc, calcium and magnesium which your body needs, will be discharged through your urine, along with the water, sodium and electrolytes.

A bit after 60 minutes

At this time you are very likely to experience sugar crash, mood swings or becoming lazy. By now, you have eliminated all the water contained in the Coke, but not before your body provides all essential nutrients it needs. These might have strengthen your teeth and bones, or provide your metabolism with water. Moreover, you are at high risk of developing diabetes and wearing an insulin pump.

Sharing of this information is of a great importance so all the people who are not aware that this poison destroys your bones, learn the truth and stop consuming this fizzy soft drink.
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