This Video Will Make You Throw Your Cigarettes In The Exact Same Moment

It is commonly known that smoking is such a bad habit for our health and increases the risk of lungs cancer significantly. You will be shocked to see this gruesome video that reveals to which extent tobacco can damage the lungs and turns the vital organs black in particular.

More than 4, 000 chemicals are contain in tobacco smoke and 70 of them are known to cause cancer in people. Symptoms are more likely to get worse for people with asthma and other lung conditions. In one research was found that quitting smoking by the age of 40 not only can lower the risk of lung cancer, but can also enable 10 years of extra life.

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In the conducted study in which target group were 1.3 million women, was found that quitting smoking before middle age can reduce the risk of dying for more than 90%, and quitting at later age can reduce for massive 40%, said the German research.

This research included nearly 9,000 German people at age between 50 and 74 years. Number of secondary school students who took up the habit of smoking caused concern at Ryan Au, a teacher at Yan Chai Hospital Tung Chi Ying Memorial School, in Hong Kong, and therefore he made a gruesome video that showed the caused lungs damage after just 60 cigarettes.

It can be seen even with naked eye how lungs exposed to cigarette become so discolored. At non-smokers lung color remains healthy pink, while at smokers lung color is yellowish-brown hue. In this video, Mr. Au dissects the pigs’ windpipes in order to show the difference between non-smoking lungs and smoking lungs.

The non-smoking lungs have a healthy pink trachea and the smoking lung’s windpipe is clogged and has a dark brown hue. Share this video with your friends whom you consider is time to stop smoking as soon as possible.

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