Tips for hot and difficult time…How to sleep at night without unpleasantness?

Tips for hot and difficult time … How to sleep at night without unpleasantness?

Life on hot days without air conditioning seems impossible, but earlier was possible,our ancestors were doing it all the time! It turns out that they have learned a few things in the process.

When summer comes to us, we almost always focus on trips, vacations on the beach and delicious cold drinks. But the warm weather has a bad side too. We’re talking about the really hot days of summer, when intense heat and humidity makes it impossible to sit, and not thought about sleep.
The obvious solution to sleep without problem is to turn on your air condition. These modern devices can maintain the optimal temperature for sleep in the bedroom (roughly between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius), with some small noises. But, even if work for a while they use a lot of energy and increase monthly electricity bill. So, what you need to do the environmentally responsible, budget conscientious person who sleeps?

Read about some of the “do it yourself” strategies and tips for hot and difficult time that you get cold during the warm nights.

Tips for hot and difficult time

Cool as a cucumber – how to beat the heat.
1 Select cotton
Forget satin, silk, polyester and other warm bedding material. The best is cotton, which is soft and lightweight and through that your skin can breathe.
2 Cold comfort
Place the sheets in the bag and put it in the fridge for a few minutes. This will not cool the whole night, but it will at least give you enough time to sleep feeling comfortable.
3 Be creative
Fill a shallow bowl with ice and place it between himself and the fan and adjust ventiltor to partially blow in a bowl. It will do you outreach cold air instead of just circulating warm.
4 Remove it entirely
If you have a room key, you can not sleep and naked. Some people fly regularly work, while others claim that all the sweat stays on you, and when you’re dressed, absorbed into the fabric.
5 Sleep as an Egyptian
The so-called “Egyptian method” involves sinking blanket or towel in cold water. And so wet blanket put over dry blankets so you do not soak the mattress.
6 Sleep alone
If you’re in a relationship or marriage, you do not have to sleep together in summer if you have the possibility to sleep separately. The proximity of other bodies will only be hotter and you will be nervous, so you will not be able to sleep. So it is better to sleep separately than to quarrel unnecessarily.
7 Stay away from the stove
Summer is not the time to save the dishes that require high temperatures. To avoid additional heating of the house, eat a salad or some dishes that take very little time to prepare.
8 Drink plenty of fluids
Drink at least two cups of cold water before bedtime. Sweating at night can lead to dehydration, so ensure that you will bring a little more liquid than you need.
9 Cool off in the shower
A cold shower is one of the most beautiful things in the summer. First you take a shower with warm water, and then decrease the temperature of the water. Shower will wash away the sweat, the skin will prodisati and descend, and body temperature.
10 Sleep on lower floors
If you live in the house on the floor, flies sleep on the ground floor or in the basement (if it is suitable for sleeping). Temperature is lower closer you are to the ground.
11 Cool down your feet
The legs are very sensitive to temperature. Cool the entire body soaking feet in cold water before you lie down. Or hold a bowl of cold water next to the bed to cool your feet every time you warm up.
12  Turn off the lights and electrical appliances
Turn off all electrical appliances and light bulbs, because they only contribute to the growth temperature. Each step is important.