Vitamin B17 Is Banned Because It Cures Cancer

Vitamin B17 is banned because it cures cancer

The Food and Drug Administration, the American Cancer Society, and the American Medical Association used all resources at their disposal to hide the story about Vitamin B17 from the public’s eyes.  They have arrested people who held meetings to tell others about this, confiscated films and books, and prosecuted doctors who applied theories in order to save their patients’ lives.

Vitamin B17 is banned because it cures cancer and below is the video for a personal testimony on just how extremely effective is vitamin B17 in fighting cancer.

This woman suffered from cancer for 2 years and as she claims you must make an effort by yourself if you want to save your life. Do the research!. Look up the book  World Without Cancer  by G. Edward Griffin and you can get B17 online at Amazon only.

The first time she was on B17, her cancer came back. She soon realized that B17 is a concentrated form of apricot kernels. She discovered that proper consumption of apricot kernels, which was the reason to refuse the chemotherapy.  After 2 months,  without using a conventional treatment, she got back to vitamin B17.

She need to consume 500mg of these twice a day. It will destroy all five tumors completely.  She is now CANCER FREE.

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