Wearing Tight Jeans Could Lead To Permanent Nerve Damage?

A lot of celebrities wear tight jeans, from Kate Moss to Russell Brand and they became part of any hipster` wardrobe. This current fashion hit called “skinny jeans“ comes with a warning- they can seriously damage your muscles and nerves. This was confirmed by doctors from USA who had seen a number of patients who were suffering from ‘meralgia paresthetica‘.

The symptoms of this disorder include :

  • tingling
  • numbness
  • pain in the upper legs.

Dr Karen Boyle from the Greater Baltimore Medical Center reported for ABC News: The skinny jeans can compress the nerve that runs in outer part of the thigh and therefore the disorder occurs.

tight jeansimage via solarnavigator.net

Most women wear skinny jeans and high heels in order to lengthen the appearance of their legs, but thus the symptoms are just worsening. The axis of your pelvis changes and your pelvis tilts which increases the pressure.

A “floating sensation“is how one woman described the situation that made her feels weak-reported Dr Boyle.  This disorder called meralgia paresthetica has not yet been noted in medical papers. In 2003, three cases were reported by Malvinder S Parmar in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, where all the patients were overweight women who had experienced tingling or burning sensations due to wearing tight jeans with low waist within six to eight months. Dr Parmar suggested women to wear loose-fitting dresses for six weeks and thus the symptoms shall resolve.

Dr Boyle suggested fashion designers to replace their tight jeans with jeggings or jeans with added Lycra to give them some stretch.

She highlighted the fact that ignoring this pain and wearing tight jeans may cause permanent damage on the nerves.

Doctors also advise men not to wear skinny jeans especially those who are trying for baby. Wearing skinny jeans can cause testicles to overheat and lowering their sperm count.

source : dailymail.co.uk

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