Why its important to urinate after sex

Enjoying a satisfying sex life, apart from being creative in bed and adopting new practices, it also requires maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO URINATE AFTER SEX

In this article we will explain you why it is important to urinate after sex

When having a sex, the microbes and bacteria in the genitalia area and rectum are very likely to enter the vagina and accumulate in the urethra, which increases the risk of developing a bladder or urinary infection. Women are more prone to urinary infections, and at least 1 of 5 women will experience it once in their life.

Therefore, doctors highlight the importance of urinating after sex as one very healthy habit you need to practice in order to prevent the occurrence of infection that can seriously jeopardize your physical well-being.

Furthermore, doctors strongly recommend urinating no later than 45 minutes after the penetration is preferable, since unlike men, female ejaculation doesn’t occur in the urethra, so the only way to discharge those substances or particles that are brought in during sex, is through urination.

Additionally, using condoms is one of the safest ways to protect against infections and sexually transmitted disease that can endanger your physical well-being.

Maintaining excellent personal hygiene before and after sex can significantly reduce the risk of infections in the urinary tract. Women who are likely to suffer from cystitis should wash their vaginal area with water and neutral pH soap after sex.
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