Why You Should Never Drink Ice Water

When I was eating at restaurants, I used to ask the waiter for iced water, but today I asked for water without ice which caused astonishment at the waiter.

In this article you will find out which is better- drinking iced water or warm water.

Could you imagine this?

Close your eyes clear your mind and see yourself on a wooden bench expanding into a mountain lake with crystal blue water. You shouldn`t think twice before you dive in the lake, right?

iced water

But you should ask yourself these questions: What does your skin do? And what does your body do? Are you constricted and tight or open and relaxed?

This is what happens when you drink cold water:

  • expanding of the energy that your body needs to regulate the temperature which can lead to water loss;
  • drinking cold beverages leads to restricting of digestion, narrowing of blood vessels and hindering of hydration i.e. dehydration;
  • drinking cold beverages during meal or after that leads to difficult digestion of the undesired fats from your body;
  • Drinking cold water after a meal decreases the function of your immune system due to excess mucous. Thus, your body is easier exposed on illness and colds.

Some people drink cold water in order to burn calories, but on other hand the work of the digestive system is difficult.

There are so many other ways to burn calories and drinking warm water is one of them. Here are listed some benefits of drinking warm water:

  • improving your digestion due to stimulation of the natural digestive enzymes;
  • increasing of the hydration;
  • improved moving of the colon (especially when adding a lemon in it and drinking in the morning)
  • easier decomposition of food;
  • helps in increasing the natural body detoxification as well as in purifying your blood through kidneys, skin and lymphatic system.

After drinking warm water, instead of iced water, for a while, you will feel the benefits from it such as improving your digestion, bowel movements, enhanced blood circulation and healthy nervous system, weight loss and reduced sugar carvings.

source: curejoy.com

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