Women do not ignore these 10 symptoms

One terrible truth is that every year more than 550 women fail to win the fight against ovarian cancer. Age, genetics and using oral contraceptives improperly are some of the things that contribute to ovarian cancer. The main reason why even 80%of the women lose the battle against the ovarian cancer is because it shows no symptoms until it is in advanced stage. Many women can be saved if they could recognize the early signs of probably, the worst type of cancer, ovarian cancer. Women do not ignore these 10 symptoms

This article conveys one very important message: Women do not ignore these 10 symptoms

Never ignore these 10 symptoms:

  • Frequent backaches 

Frequent backaches for no reason that get worse over time may be a sign or side effect of ovarian cancer development

  • Pain in the stomach and pelvis 

Pain in the stomach and pelvis is also a sign that women should never ignore. Consult a doctor as soon as possible!

  • Irregular cycles 

According recent study, women older than 55 years are at higher risk to develop ovarian cancer, but young women are not exception as well. For instance, girls with irregular cycle are also likely to develop ovarian cancer.

  • Frequent exhaustion for no reason 

Symptoms associated with ovarian cancer include: Nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, poor appetite and constant fatigue. Almost 80%of women experience one or more of these symptoms and the tumor has often spread beyond ovaries before it is detected.

  • Getting full easily 

Getting fully easily is a symptom that women often consider as a digestive problem, but it may actually indicate on developing ovarian cancer. If you are among those who experience this symptom, do not ignore it, but consult a doctor immediately!

  • Pain during sexual intercourse 

According to the Medical News Today magazine, there is strong correlation between feeling pain during sexual intercourse and ovarian cancer development, so it is of great importance for you to see a doctor immediately if you feel pain and pressure in the pelvic area.

  • Vomiting 

According Jeffrey Stern, a famous American gynecologist, constipation which also leads to nausea, vomiting and weigh loss, is a common symptom of ovarian cancer in women.

  • Bloated stomach 

Women who start swelling and feel like they are pregnant should consider this as a sign of developing ovarian cancer.

  • Excessive growth of hair and dark hair 

Not very common sign, but still important to outline in this article is the excessive growth of hair and dark hair. On the other hand, some women experience hair loss.

  • Frequent constipation 

Frequent constipation is associated with symptoms such as digestive problems, poor appetite and gases. If you experience any of these symptoms please see a doctor immediately since this symptom is the strongest in the early stage of the ovarian cancer.
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