You are Most Likely Consuming bleached and chemical laden Garlic from China. Here is how to spot it.

You are Most Likely Consuming bleached and chemical Garlic from China. Here is how to spot it 

Most people from America think that the garlic they are consuming was grown in California but actually it originates from China.

In fact, a large amount of garlic, for about 138 million pounds of garlic was imported in USA from China.

The organic garlic also originates from China, but the methods of organic certification are not credible, because the garlic is grown in untreated sewage. This was reported by Henry Bell of the Australian Garlic Industry Association who also says that the garlic in China is sprayed with chemicals in order to stop sprouting, to whiten garlic and to kill insects.

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Bell also opens to doubt some growing practices in China and the strictness of Australian quarantine regulation related to the terms of testing of bacteria in imported products. He also wanted to examine the effectiveness of the process of fumigation of the Chinese methyl bromide.

  • This process includes fumigation of the Chinese garlic with methyl bromide (a very toxic and hazard) in order to eliminate from any bugs. If it is exposed on high concentrations can affect the respiratory and central nervous system, and it can also cause death. It can cause more damage than chlorine, even for 60 times, and is the base of CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons).
  • Chinese garlic is contaminated with harmful compounds such as lead and sulfites.
  • Chinese garlic is treated with growth inhibitors and subjected to cold temperatures
  • Chinese garlic is also subjected to over-storage which can be harmful because it may cause declination of levels of alicin, one of the major constituents in garlic important for its health benefits.

Fortunately, there are some indicators that help to spot the difference between California-grown fresh garlic and imported garlic from China.

Here is how you can spot a California-grown bulb:

  • American garlic has some roots on the bottom 
  • American garlic is heavier than imported garlic
  • American garlic is more flavorful than imported garlic

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